Gifts! Purpose! Spirituality!

“the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” – Lao Tzu

Kitchen Table Wizdom

Welcome to a navigating life. as a journey of exploration and adventure. We are meant to be happy as we live and experience living. We are entitled to experience more ups than the downs. Gaining a clear understanding of yourself by knowing what impacts your self-image day to day.

Daily life is meant to be a joyful journey of feeling good as you move through your responsibilities while interacting with loved ones, and others while feeling successful in what you do to create prosperity and to survive.

…on this journey we begin where we are with the 1st step. Take a moment and ask yourself a few probing questions. You have been drawn to this information because you are seeking help, a way to change what is not working today to achieve all that you desire in life for yourself. What is your desire? Do you want to affect your own life, the lives of your family, the safety of your community?

No matter where you start, it is significant to focus mainly on your personal growth and development as a positive force. Knowing your motivation to fulfill a purpose in life gives light and energy to your very existence. I know when I face a new day, I love the feeling of waking up with a sense of purpose which gives me the strength to accomplish all of my desires and goals through my gratitude for life and my intentions.

Depending on where you look, the world can seem to be an unsafe, ugly place that fills you with fear. That fear can be paralyzing in ways that block growth and development. Every day I choose to contribute value to myself, my loved ones, my community and to be a positive energy of change in the world starting with me.

Okay here we go with some solutions!

Navigate your way through life! GPS It!

… is your attitude about life a positive or negative approach?

Are you open and accepting of the shifting realities which show up moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day? Are you generally a positive person who loves and appreciates your life and the opportunity to be your best every day?

Do you agree, that it is a choice to become Judgmental? Pessimistic? Loving? Kind? Empathetic? Critical? Jealous? Envious? of others? This energy can manifest into illness. Worry and doubt create fear and illusions of suffering. Blaming yourself for taking on the needs others because of the need to feel necessary.


A positive outlook is one approach to avoid being overwhelmed by the continuous flow of random thoughts which run off in different directions.


Just like you tap or swipe on the app of your phone to get directions from a digital “real time map” to a place you want to find without “getting lost” – from where you are, stop and NAVIGATE!

The ability to NAVIGATE! Is already within you. If you cannot connect with it, there some practices you can do immediately! Ready, …1st you have to know where you are. The GPS app will ask permission to access your location. When you grant permission for access, it immediately displays your exact location.

To me this is amazing as a “metaphor” of meaning for life because literally everything is about “movement” and position. We constantly trying to determine “where we are” in life. It important to have direction, a purpose for getting up to start the day. Many people check out emotionally, mentally and physically to avoid coping with just applying our genius “inner self”  to life every day. The questions pop up in our minds “where, what, why, when, how do I get from here to there?” We tell ourselves, I don’t want to feel this, I don’t want to be here, I want to be somewhere else. Well we cannot escape our own thoughts, we must change our own thoughts through choice.

Are you ready for a revelation? You become what you think! If you are a regular seeker of raising your consciousness and self-improvement, you already understand this concept. Why, because you have read and studied writers of self-improvement, thought leaders and spirituality coaches to have been exposed to this concept. You have cried out from your place of pain and frustration for answers and your spirit guides have provided the answers in one form or another. If you are still feeling stuck then you may not have recognized the answer when it showed up.

If this information is “completely” new to you as a concept you have never considered, then you have made an amazing step towards you self-examination and healing.