…now that you are here

I dedicate these writings to the life experience of family. May these words convey offerings of love-wisdom, inspiration, self-discovery, reciprocating resilience and sweet surprises.

Interpretations of life unfold as it shapes our conscioussness to reveal one’s true intentions.
What is the goal of living?
There is wizdom to guide us when we are in despair, stuck in confusion and isolation. Wizdom is Home… the place which offers refuge from the outside world. Home is the matrix which provides three necessary elements for survival; safety, energy and possibility.
…looking at backwards does not support forwad movement
Home is the nurturing place where we are fed, protected and taught survival skills as we develop tools for making decisions and choices for the best outcome through every minute of the day.

Our environment changes constantly with advanced developments in every aspect of living. Feeling safe is rare these days, so much turmoil and watching innocent people become victims at the hands of people who cannot find love inside of themselves. The safety of the matrix makes it a place of refuge; energy is the positive vibration of love which makes all things meaningful. Keeping life simple is to led by the wisdom of love which has been the best formula for maintaining the quality of life. The wisdom of love in the matrix inludes possibility.

Life offers helpers and enemies; all of which contribute to shaping our survival in an home environment that is not dominated by outside forces. Parents teach children to navigate life and relatinships – how to make choices in order to achieve success. There are hazardous circumstances that at times feels like we are at war with life itself.

Its like looking back over yourshoulder hoping for a better view in hindsight.

Survival requires resilience to be successful at anything and everything!

I had to be a role model with integrity no matter what the circumstances were. My children were always looking to me for the correct way to respond when I was being challenged or disrespected.

The most important part of our day became setting the table and eating together at least once every day. Schedules were managed around planning and eating meals together.

The time together at the table became an important aspect of our day – looking into the faces of my children, observing their attitude, eating habits, listening to what they talked about and being present in the moment with them made a big difference in our family connection. This was the place they could feel the safety, energy and possibility of fairness just by being acknowledged and heard.

These beautiful souls taught me to stay in the moment and to pay attention to what is beautiful about life.  We have home even when we are apart –  we have jokes and stories that are significant to the moments we have shared. This made our house a home. This is the Kitchen Table Wizdom that helps us to thrive.