Activating …Gifts, Purpose, Spirituality

Navigate your way through life! GPS It!

 Break free of paralyzing fear of unknown outcomes.

Life offers opportunities of personal transformation through the intention of our thoughts. As we navigate life, love and relationships, the intention is to live in the most authentic way.  What makes it possible to navigate the obstacles holding us back from experiencing a fully joyful, rewarding life?

Choose to believe its up to you to create “your” life experience based on your values and how you feel about yourself. For some, it means looking for answers inside not from an outside source. Use your inner wisdom to search inside the “self” to discover the “gifts” to use the tools you already possess. To use the knowledge of what my gifts are, simply ask yourself some questions out loud…the spirit of the universe is listening.

Individuals activating their empowerment through a spiritual awakening are people who are willing to draw on life as the navigator to discovering their truest self through self-reflection choosing to trust “inner wisdom” as tools of direction to healing transformation from a negative emotional state to an elevated awareness of enlightenment.