About ~ Kitchen Table Wisdom

What is Kitchen Table Wisdom?

From the blog called “Another Africa” – a woman named Moroesi’s kitchen table in Lesotho describes her kitchen table as having “has heard all the stories of my life.”  She says this because it is the same table that was once in her mother’s kitchen. She says it a place where

Moresis Kitchen Table

 “the family kneaded bread, drank tea daily and wine on special occasions, listened to each other’s dreams, planned for the future, and wept over disappointments and betrayals”

We all have stories that we create around different subjects and share these stories motivated mostly by our intent.  Stories illustrate with words and the experience the words describe is what teaches.

It is the old adage “words don’t teach – life experience teaches”

Kitchen Table is the wisdom of your values and how those values are reinforced through conversations in the heart of the home…”the kitchen” because it is a sacred place where we share sustenance, nourishment and connection.

Can you recall those planned or spontaneous teaching moments around the table while you were sharing a meal, a cup of tea, doing your homework, addressing some family issue?  Whatever you talked about became a critically significant teaching momennt you remembered just when it served you best.

Well what about when you received the answer to something that was troubling you when you least expected it? When your life lessons became a part of your awareness is Kitchen Table Wisdom. Yes, some lessons come from places far away from the comfort of your kitchen table.

This blog is all about the lessons and the values that shape who we are and how we navigate through our life experiences.

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